Bantayan Is: Cebu
April 09-12,2015

There was a typhoon passing the Philippines when I went to Bantayan Island the first time. Cebu was affected so I didn’t get to explore the island too much. I was only able to go to a couple of beaches that were forgettable, and didn’t experience trying to fit as locals. We also didn’t know that the place we rented was too far from the good places. So no, I didn’t enjoy my first time much.

This year, though, was the complete opposite. It was another long weekend, so coming from Tacloban City, we passed by Palompon (yes, and Calanggaman Island, too), and went straight to Bantayan Island for a couple of days. The sky was blue, it was painful to the skin. But the beautiful beaches, few tourists, and clear waters in Santa Fe were good enough reasons to bask even under the hottest summer sun.

All photos were taken using #Lumia930 and #Lumia730.


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