Ranao, Lanao del Norte
The term Lanao is derived from a Maranao word, “Ranao”, meaning a body of water. –lanaodelnorte.gov.ph

November 4-9, 2013
Photos were taken using Nokia 808 Pureview cameraphone
Post process, using Photoshop CC

I have only been to just a few places in Mindanao, but I know I already have a few of my favorites. Camiguin, which I think is the perfect place for quiet, beautiful, relatively untouched by tourists, and affordable, is on top of my list. I was just in the south recently, but because it takes too much effort to reach Camiguin (especially now that the new airport is even more farther), I had to look for an alternative place. That spot, I found in Tinago Falls, Iligan City.

It was my first time to step out of Iligan City. I spent my first few days in Tubod, Lanao del Norte, and it was not really different from the other provinces I’ve been to. And if not for my work itinerary, my stay would have been uneventful (although its MCC Hotel is a fantastic resort for its price). But since my way to Tubod crosses Iligan, there was no way I was missing out my second favorite place in Mindanao.

This, however, wasn’t my first time to go to the Tinago Falls. I bumped into familiar locals again and even though I sort of know my way down the area, I still invited Jayson, who is a fourth year high school student kid from there. Besides, I needed someone to help me climb the rocks near the falls, and watch over my things when I’m in the water. It was a Saturday morning, and luckily, despite my flights being cancelled and delayed, super typhoon Haiyan did not hit this part of the country.

I will be coming back this December. But this time, it will be just for fun!



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