#3 | Suits, Seasons 1, 2, and 3
Rating: 7.75

When I first heard about Suits, I thought it was going to be a boring courtroom drama series. But when I finally tried it out, it turned out to be a cool TV material.

I really liked the first two seasons. I think the personal and the professional lives of the characters were almost balanced, and I think that’s a great thing — not too boring, and not too over the top. I also liked the characters of Rachel, the paralegal girlfriend of one of the two main characters, and Donna, the assistant of the other main. The two main guys’s characters can be boring or tiring sometimes, I just had to appreciate the two ladies behind them. Everything played out really well in the first two seasons.

And then the third season comes, with major shifts in the story, and everything went chaotic, new characters were introduced, and people were stabbing one another in the back. The meek and humble character of Mike that I liked a lot, was turned into an irritating badass, and I don’t think I liked it. In short, the story sort of landslid a little bit, and I hope that the plot will be much simpler in the coming fourth season.

But who am I kidding. Even if it doesn’t, I know I’ll still be waiting for the next installments.


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