#4 | Dexter
Rating: 7.0

Perhaps one of my oldest favorite characters in TV series is this serial killer. The TV franchise had its ups and major downs, but I still think that the first seasons were really good, which I guess, lead to a wise decision that they ended it in its eight season; while the iron is still warm.

Although, I can’t say that I liked what they did in the end where they obviously couldn’t let go of the character and decided to create a lumberjack Dexter with an open-ended story. Deb’s story in the end, too, was too short of an impact. And while I did like Hanna’s character in the previous season, I think it should have ended there.

Overall, I think the program was okay in general. In any case Michael C. Hall gets a new project soon, it will be hard to disassociate him with the serial killer character, and that is some challenge he has to go through.


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