Black and White Selfies vs UDD
Self-portraits using Nokia 808 Pureview, Interval Mode
Post-process using Photoshop CS6
07132013 | Iloilo, City

I woke up late for work but since it was a Saturday, and I’m more or less done with my duties for the week, I decided to take my time to prep for my day (still for work). I was alone in the room and remembered a camera phone mount and a tripod sitting on the table for almost a week, and  felt a little creative with my phone.

I’m used to putting type over my photos, probably as my means of watermarking them. I couldn’t think of a fitting title for this series so I just stole some lines from Up Dharma Down. Photos were shrunk to 50% of the original size (roughly just 4MP). Of course images still underwent post-processing, but I have to say that most of the good things about the images should still be credited to Nokia’s fantastic oversampling technology. The images were still able to display astounding results, almost lossless, even in actual size.


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