Southern-Up: The Calaguas and Bagasbas Beach

Gated  by  lush  green  and  rustic  rolling  hills,  and  the  very  calm  waves  from  the  Pacific Ocean,  the  Calaguas  consists  of  17  islands  located  in  Vinzons  Camarines  Norte,  Bicol,  roughly eleven hours away from Manila – nine hours by bus, two hours by boat.

Being  untouched  by  commercial  dwellers,  the  Calaguas  has  no  hotels  or  big  establishments  so camping  by  the  beach  and  cook-outs  are  the  only  options.  The 1.3-kilometer  stretch  of  Mahabang Buhangin  (long  sand)  from  the  nearby  island  offers  powdery  beige  sand  that  looks  creamy  once mixed with its turquoise crystal waters. Campers would usually pin their tents a few meters from here, which also offers a breath-taking view of the horizon especially during sunset.  The serene vista is nothing but fitting for swimming, Frisbee, trekking the nearby hills, sunbathing, or just  simply  walking  barefoot  by  the  other  nearby  smaller  shores  in  the  island.  If you are lucky, you’ll get to find exotic birds in the proximity, too.

In the evening, the fun doesn’t stop as campers light a bonfire and get drunk until they pass out. Sometimes, when huge number of visitors come especially during long weekends, tour organizers  would  bring  in  bands,  fire  dancers,  and  karaoke  machines  to  make  everything  more  fun and unforgettable.

Calaguas is truly a rare gem in Luzon. Some people would stay for another day or two. But for those who have cringing schedules to fulfil in the coming weekdays, an overnight is enough to appreciate its splendour.

Tip: For backpacking newbies who are a little unsure about planning their trip to the Calaguas, you can contact Melvic Brinas at 0906-514-4444. The packages are affordable and hassle free which already include the overnight bus fare, boat transfer, tent accommodation, and meals on board, plus a stopover at Bagasbas Beach.


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