Backpacking in Bantayan Island
October 14-16, 2011

On the Northern tip of Cebu lies another laid-back destination for backpackers. Bantayan Island is found roughly five hours from Manila – one hour by plane to Cebu, more than three hours by cab and bus, and another hour by ferry boat.

Sightseeing begins a few minutes before arrival at the ferry port as view of the wide golden stretch of sand over its topaz waters reflects an excited wave of hello to its approaching visitors. This island is much more preferred by both local and foreign tourists who choose to combine the vibe of a quiet community in the morning and a tamed nightlife in the evening. The beautiful white sand beaches of Bantayan Island are complemented by its friendly people and simple lifestyle, and yet they still offer other different activities for visitors to enjoy.

Some establishments would have a slew or motorcycles lined-up outside for rent. Since Bantayan Island is just small, couples can tour the place in one day. On the west side rest beautiful cliffs that are perfect for cliff diving or groups that seek for extreme adventure. There are also caves and old churches in the island that tourists can explore and visit.  In the evening, everyone heads to the east side, where people chill out and party.

Visiting Bantayan Island is truly an unmatched experience as it offers the right equation of calming escapade – perfect for the wandering traveller.

Tip: Bantayan Island is already secluded, but if you want it to be more private, check in at the Kandgyap House by the Sea where you can own the white sanded beach by the cliff nearby, managed by their very accommodating host. Contact 0920-902-6291 to check out their affordable rates.


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